You’ve tried to work it out, but now you’re at your wit’s end in your relationship, and divorce feels like the only option.  Before you open the door and just walk out, consider these 5 must-do things before you decide to move on.

5. The Money

Prepare all of your financial statements before you leave.  Make copies of statements and contracts if you can, from your mortgages to joint bank accounts to credit cards.  The more information you can gather, the more effective a divorce lawyer can be for you.

4. The Advice

The earlier you can call a divorce lawyer, the better.  They have the experience and expertise to advise you in how to proceed, and are most effective before any agreements are made between you and your spouse.

3. The Right Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is very important.  You want an attorney that understands you; one that you can get along with and that you can trust to be by your side through this entire process.

2. The Emotions

Divorce can be a very emotional time for both parties.  Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible helps to balance that emotion for you – they’ll handle the legal aspects of separation, so you can focus on rebuilding and rediscovering your life.

1. The Talk

Communicate with your spouse about your decision – don’t leave him/her in limbo in regards to your feelings, and try to see things from his/her point of view.  Having at least a civil understanding of each other’s position will go great lengths at smoothing over any future divorce proceedings.

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