Yelton, Farfour & Bridges Posted by ShelbyLawyers November 19th, 2017

Tips for Preparing Wills

Talking about wills is not a comfortable subject for many people, but it is of the utmost importance.

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High-Quality Legal Services

After more than forty years, the attorneys at Yelton, Farfour & Bridges, continue to provide our clients with high-quality legal services.

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You vs. the Law: Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer in Your Corner

Nearly all of us have friends and family that see us through the difficult times in our life – divorce, layoffs, and even financial turmoil.

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Launching Your Own Business? Here Are 5 Tips to Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Tired of the 9-5 grind? Then perhaps you’re thinking about starting your own business – a venture taken on by nearly a million people in North Carolina alone!

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Navigating the Tricky Waters of Child Custody

Divorce is difficult. It is also a big decision. It can be very hard on you and your family and should not be a decision taken likely.

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Four Things to Do before Moving Forward with Divorce Attorneys

Child Custody litigations and negotiations can get stressful and become tense.

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Preventive Law

No one gets excited about becoming involved in a lawsuit . . . it’s stressful, costs a lot of money, and takes up a lot of time that should be spent doing other things.

Family Law

We understand what an emotionally trying experience it can be to go through a divorce, especially if there are young children involved.

Personal Injury

Lots of complicated and detailed documentation will be involved, lots of questions will be asked, and witnesses will likely be interviewed.