divorce attorneyDivorce is difficult. It is also a big decision. It can be very hard on you and your family and should not be a decision taken likely. There are a few things that you should do, before reaching out to divorce attorneys, to prepare and to ensure you are making the right decision:

  1. Ensure your safety- Divorce can be stressful. If you are in a violent relationship, it is smart to go to a safe place because the news of the divorce can often drive people to become angry. Even if your spouse does not have a history of violence, it is smart to be aware of your spouse’s actions and protect yourself accordingly.
  2. Seek a marriage therapist- Considering how serious the reasons for you wanting a divorce are, you can often resolve issues with a marriage counselor. This step could save your marriage by creating better communication. This communication could even lead to better resolution of items and child custody in the future. Divorce attorneys are helpful, but it is difficult for them to relieve tension.
  3. Don’t move out until you talk to divorce attorneys- Because of a domestic trespass statute in North Carolina laws, if you move out and your spouse wishes for you to remain out, then if you come back unwanted it is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Take time to make the decision on who will move out first.
  4. Account all of your belongings- Divorce attorneys can give you better advice if they have a good idea of the finances and items that will be divided during the divorce. This includes credit cards, bank statements, loans, cars, furniture, houses, etc.