Preventive Law, Shelby, NC

Avoid the hassle of a lawsuit with our preventive services.

Preventive Law in Shelby, North Carolina

Lawsuits are stressful, time consuming, and expensive, so if you ask anyone if they would prefer to avoid one, they would answer in the affirmative. At Yelton, Farfour, & Bridges, we offer preventive law services that can help you avoid the challenges of a lawsuit, and our firm can educate you about some of the common causes of legal problems. This way, we prevent unnecessary stress and help you save time and money.

We like to relate preventive law to preventive medicine. For example, you may get a flu shot every year to prevent illness or go in for an annual physical to determine if there are issues you should take care of. Much like this, preventive law services can be acquired at regular intervals to review your personal situation and identify ways you can protect yourself legally on a short and long-term basis.

For your family, our preventive law services involve drafting a will and powers of attorney, developing prenuptial agreements, establishing the legal guardianship of your family, and developing family trusts for the future. From a business standpoint, our preventive law services encompass creating business formation documents and investor documents; developing copyrights, trademarks, and branding; and establishing director resolutions.

Let us help you minimize hassle in your life by taking advantage of our preventive law services designed for personal and professional situations. To schedule a consultation or find out more about what we offer to our clients in Shelby, North Carolina, contact our firm today.