It’s no secret that when you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you’re going to need some power behind you if you ever expect to get what you deserve for your loss and injury.

Many of us make one huge mistake when involved in a vehicular accident; we, in our chaotic resolve, take what officers, agents and other authority-type figures say, as unadulterated truth.

Here is Joan’s story: “My husband and I made that mistake. The officer on scene asked us to sign a form and told us that he would be mailing us the other driver’s information. This single, hectic moment would perpetuate months on end of court cases, medical bills, failed attempts to contact the other driver and a guilty verdict on our part. We did not hire a personal injury attorney, as we just ‘knew’ we were not at fault. As it turns out, that little piece of layered carbonate page that we signed on that day was the defining factor.  We waived our right to press charges and signed our own guilty verdict with our John Hancock.

In the midst of the doctor’s visits, court cases, and such, I did some research. That is when I found that we made a huge mistake. Not only did we more or less sign away our rights, but we took a few days to go to the doctor to get checked out; neither of us felt the need to go in until a few days later. I found a bruise across my belly and chest and my lumbar was inflamed, as well as his. Now I tell all of my friends: ‘Don’t make my mistake; learn from my mistake. Get an injury attorney that will fight to get you what you deserve for your injury!’

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